"Working with Lee has resulted in significant improvement in our direct marketing efforts and a tangible increase in sales. His extensive knowledge of Infusionsoft has helped unlock the potential of our existing consumer base, while his creative yet structured approach has given a boost to new customer acquisition as well"

"All in all, he's a talented, well-organized individual who's efficient and easy to work with, and knows how to move the ball forward, even if you don't."

Brian, Owner/Co-Founder

Lee has provided me with a wealth of information to help increase our market share for Hail Varsity. In a world filled with marketing buzz words and vague approaches, Lee delivers specific digital marketing strategies to grow your business through a number of platforms, including e-mail, Facebook, YouTube and important SEO tactics.

Aaron B., Owner

My company has used Lee Nakamoto and his company for nearly three years. They are very proactive in their approach, creative, highly accountable and are at the forefront of the various tools available for email and social media marketing. Lee and his team have been successful growing our Facebook fan base exponentially to the point of us currently enjoying the largest active Facebook fan page in Naples, Florida. Lee has also been instrumental in growing our email subscriber list and have lead the way for us to produce consistent email which then drives traffic to our website. Finally, they have helped us build an affiliate word press website and blog to further enhance our marketing activities.

Kristen J., Owner, Licensed Real Estate Broker, Licensed Vacation Rental Manager

The Nerd Bot have brought us to a new level. Lee's in depth knowledge of the market place, technologies and trends make him a very valuable asset to have on your side. You'll be quite happy to see how you can automate your marketing and be more productive at the same time.

Alejandro (Ali) Ordoñez, Managing Partner