About The Nerd Bot


The Nerd Bot was created under the core principle of providing services that deliver results. Since the early stages in our company, our team has focused on engineering scalable, repeatable, and trackable tactics. The Nerd Bot is led by an experienced management team which provides strategic direction and support for the company.

Our clients benefit from our expertise and guidance without having to experience the pain of failure as we utilize proven techniques that produce tangible, positive results. We share with our clients best practices we have learned from years of growing online businesses.

Our team works to determine a pragmatic online marketing strategy for each client, creating a personalized approach with minimal variables. Success is not luck. It comes from taking calculated risks, learning from the results, and applying gained knowledge to the next endeavor. We believe in providing each client with a thorough yet flexible plan, incremental changes play a vital role in a project’s overall effectiveness.  We will “Move The Dial”.


Building something exceptional doesn't happen by accident

Passion for Perfection

At TheNerdBot, we love what we do and passionately push the latest web technologies as far as they will go to accomplish our clients goals. We create smart and functional solutions that deliver results beautifully.

It's Only Creative If It Sells

At the heart of everything we do is creativity. Standing out from the crowd today demands true creativity, and nowhere is this more true than with digital marketing. Our creative team will develop concepts that will transform your marketing exposure.

There Are No Magic Solutions

Every business and every digital project is different, which is why working with a range of approaches is essential. We listen to your specific needs and craft a unique solution that works best for you. We are flexible, agile and most importantly excellent listeners. Let's get everything laid out in the open first so we can deliver long term results. In fact our business is built on successful ongoing relationships.

When The 11th Hour Approaches

We deliver completed well thought out and executed projects when you need them most. Project management is one of our core strengths at TheNerdBot and we deliver every aspect of each project to the highest standard. If you’re thinking about working with us and would like to learn a little more about how we do things around here, keep reading.

Our services

Content Marketing

1.1. Campaign Development & Maintenance
1.2. Copywriting
1.3. Media Planning
1.4. Content Marketing Strategy
1.5. Content Planning & Creation
1.6. Idea Development
1.7. Conversion Optimization
1.8. Strategic Planning

Social Media

2.1. Full Social Media Management
2.2. Audience Growth(Fan Acquisition)
2.3. Engagement Strategies
2.4. Social Media Planning
2.5. Channel Management
2.6. Content Creation
2.7. Sweepstakes, Giveaways, Contests
2.8. Advertising
2.9. B2C & B2B Social Strategy
2.10.Content Syndication

Marketing Automation

3.1. Full Email Marketing
3.2. Email & Marketing Automation
3.3. Phone & Direct Mail Automation
3.4. Offline Marketing Automation
3.5. Follow campaigns, upsell, cross sell
3.6. Reviews, Customer Feedback
3.7. Affiliate Marketing

Impact Optimization

4.1. Loyalty Programs
4.2. Marketing Research & Insights
4.3. Data Management/ Segmentation
4.4. Advocacy Drivers
4.5. International Campaigns
4.6. Campaign & Creative Testing

Brand Power

5.1. Brand Strategy
5.2. Proposition Development
5.3. Brand Positioning
5.4. Business Consultancy
5.5. Logo & Creative Development

Web Design & Development

6.1. Social integration, SEO, PPC
6.2. eCommerce
6.3. Bespoke coding & personalization
6.4. Full Custom coded sites
6.5. WordPress, Joomla
6.6. Design Services
6.7. Responsive design
6.8. 3rd party technology integration